Find the positive in life, let go of the past, and have the confidence to LIVE your life (personally and professionally). 

Are you living a life you love? 

And what I mean by "a life you love"  is .... 

Do you have amazing romantic and personal relationships?

Do you love what you do and wake up excited each day?

Do you have toe-tingling sex on a regular basis? 

Do you have enough money to both live a comfortable lifestyle and do the things you love? 

Do you feel like you have "your S#!T together?

Do you express optimal health? 


I have coached thousands of people on building a life they LOVE!! I believe in surrounding yourself with a community of like minded women who support each other! Why is that?! Because we are designed for connection, to be seen and understood and I would love for you to be a part of our community where you will get just that!

But first lets get clear on something! 

-Feeling frustrated with others all of the time

-Feeling like you are unworthy to pursue your goals and dreams

-Not being able to see the positive

-Feeling stuck in the past OR current situations

The Problem?
People accept all of the above as "normal" and something they "have" to live with, but the TRUTH is....

-You deserve to wake up every morning excited about your life.

-You deserve relationships that fulfill and feed your soul. 

-You deserve to feel confident and empowered.

-You deserve the freedom to enjoy life and all of its adventures.

Most importantly you need to find what makes you come alive and full of love so that you can really love your family and friends too! It starts with you! They deserve someone who is uncontrollably happy, bursting with life, and overflowing with energy. You can’t be there for those you love if you are running on empty. 

The good news is you can create a life you love!!!
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So Who Am I??

I am Dr. Martha Nessler, Founder of the UNAnchored Woman Coaching Group and I am extremely proud of this community of like minded women, who are hungry to really create an epic existence and shed the S#!T that is holding them back from really living.

Let me tell you a story about a woman who was lost and broken since she was a little girl and she did the best she could to put a smile on everyone and else’s face, to make sure they were happy, despite how broken she was. She never addressed her pain nor did she show it. She wore the “I am happy, can I serve you mask?”.

Til one day she realized that she wasn’t happy. She was broken on the inside attempting to smile on the outside. You would have thought she was happy, but her business was suffering, her familial relationships were in shambles, her love life was non existent and worst of all she was a victim to her circumstances, stuck in the story of what had happened to her.

You wouldn’t have known...You would have thought she loved her life, but she didn’t and most importantly she didn’t love herself.

What happened? How is she today?

Let me tell you, she is an empowered woman, she loves her life and she has used her story to not only empower others but to create an awesome life for herself.

The truth is your story is your greatest asset, you just don’t have any power over it, you don’t know how to use it.

When you have power over your story, it no longer holds you back, it’s no longer an anchor stopping you from sailing through life, it becomes a root that supports you as you grow!

How do I know? I was that woman and 15 years ago, I decided I was done being disempowered. I was claiming my power back and here I am today doing that same thing for other women.

In those 15 years, I have built two ‘multiple 6 figure businesses” (and working on a 3rd) and have coached thousands of women to do the same.

And now I’m ready to really link arms with women and to support them to identify their S#!T, do the necessary work to release the anchors that hold them back and create a life they love in personal, business, financial, humanitarian, love and more.


Are you ready?

Ready to let go and do it, even if, you do it scared?

Reviews??? Yes Please!

It’s been a huge few months for me going through my own life story and unachoring myself from things that have kept me stuck and unable to live my best life. I’ve had an incredible group of ladies that I have had the privilege of sharing this journey with and been able to share my heart and struggles with before this new me entered the “real” world.  I know I’ve had a few people who have asked me about the amazing group I’ve been a part of where I have been working on me.The group is so valuable and such a safe place to journey through whatever it is that has you stuck. It’s a space where judgement is not allowed and where shame comes to die. If you are interested in joining an amazing community of women who wholeheartedly support, care, and love on each other. This is exactly where you need to be. -Jessica 

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Thank you Dr Martha Nessler, your program has given me the insight into me and who I am in the eyes of others. The program has shown how things that has happened to me and people in the past has controlled my life for over 50 years. The program has given me the tools and skills to needed to discover a new me, process and remove ancient triggers and obstacles that have controlled my life and given me the power and wisdom to live my life for me. I could never thank you enough for the love, help and support you have given me. I have changed, my life has changed because of your coaching. My future is exciting and I am really looking forward to the abundance of prosperity that is coming my way, now my mind is free. -Megan
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Dr Martha Nessler you are so inspirational, It took me a while to make my mind up to do this course, I started a little late but oh my am I glad I did, you have given me so many tools I can use in my life and also pass on to my grandchildren to help them ease through there life. I was so stuck after the loss of my son at the age of 13 years old, you have given me the ways to work through that. Thank you Martha you are a star that shines so bright. -Jackie 

  • Monthly calls with self-work guidance that will allow you to start to SHED that S#!T. 

  • 3 Monthly live Q&A’s where I coach you in business and personal

  • Weekly posts to inspire you and get you thinking. 

  • Guest speakers who have ignited me and I know will do the same for you!

  • I will be sharing my personal and intimate stories of my own UNAnchoring to support you and help you feel the deep connection we all share so you know you aren’t alone 

You will also get first dibs for all of my upcoming events in 2020. I can tell you it is going to be HUGE! 

Do you have some questions???

What if I don’t have enough money to take your course right now?

My course comes out to be less than $1 a day. We spend more than that on drinks, snacks, and drive throughs. I think anyone can make $1 a day work. Do you really want to look back on your life and be stuck with the same feelings, emotions, and struggles because $1 a day held you back?

What if I don’t have time for it?

All of our coaching calls are recorded as well as my live coaching. All things can be caught on replay. If you can’t make the call questions can be posted in the group, email, or messenger. You can also submit questions before the call so that I can address those.

I think I can do this on my own without paying for coaching…

Yes you probably can. Why do you want to wait though?? I have done the hard work of figuring out what works and doesn’t work. What if you skipped all of that trial and error and you get to skip right to the good stuff!!

That’s right!! You no longer have an “excuse” for saying no. Take the leap and START TO SHINE!!!

ARE YOU READY TO START EXPERIENCING MORE {insert what you want more of here}?!?!
Maybe you're nervous?

That's okay, you need to be a little bit afraid in order to be brave.

The real question is,  “Are you willing to be brave?”

Brave for YOU and the others who are waiting for you to shed your S#!T and Shine?

Because, whether or not you want to admit it and accept it, there are people who are waiting for you to get over yourself and start stepping into your purpose and in turn into the leader your were born to be.

Your customers are waiting, your tribe is waiting, your family is waiting, your lover is waiting, the world is waiting and most importantly YOU are waiting.

So, get over yourself, it’s your time to shine and start living a life you love and making a massive impact at the same time.

Here’s the deal, you are either reading this and thinking I’m completely nuts or you are reading this and thinking YES she is talking to me and either way you are RIGHT!

So, if you are feeling this vibe and ready to shed your S#!T and start living then book in and let’s have a chat to see what program is best for you.

These two beauties are so glad they joined and here's how they explain the the UNAnchored Woman Community and working with me...
I highly recommend Dr Martha Nessler & her group, UNAnchored Woman, to all my business colleagues and tell them, "She’s driven to help women (sorry guys) ‘Shed their Shit’, get out of their own way and live amazing lives with toe tingling sex, strong relationships and abundant business".
"An amazing group of soulful women from around the world that come together under the guidance of Dr Martha Nessler - to share, support & grow in an unconditional, non judgmental & open environment where you can become the shining light you are meant to be."

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Do you want a little more one - on - one time with me, as well as the support of the UNAnchored Woman Community? 
Check out the Elite and VIP options! 
I can't wait to see you on the inside and begin to create the life you dream of just like I have!!! 
💋Dr Martha Nessler